Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does the logo design process take?
  • After your logo design form is submitted, you will receive your first logo concepts within 72 hours. From then on it will be a back an forth process till you are completely satisfied with your final logo design!
  • What file formats do I receive?
  • The logo will be made available in the following formats:
  • (.AI) Illustrator Format - This is the main vector format of the logo that can be modified and scaled to any size.
  • (.eps) This format is easily imported into photoshop and also scalable to any size.
  • (.png) This is a web ready format with a transparent background.
  • (.psd) Photoshop format.
  • (.jpg) JPEG format.
  • What is the difference between a Limited License & an Exclusive License?
  • With a 'Limited License' we retain the full rights to the logo, but you are purchasing the right to use it. These logos can also be sold multiple times to more than one buyer, but you have the option to stop future sales for an additional fee. You can not resell or attempt to copyright or trademark the logo. You are still free to use the logo as your own in print, web, and any other medium.

    An 'Exclusive License' grants you full rights and use for the logo. You are free to use the logo as you wish, you own the logo! An 'Exclusive License' is available only if a 'Limited License' for the logo has not yet been sold. When an 'Exclusive License' has been purchased the logo will no longer be available for sale.
  • What does 'Limited License & Stop Future Sales' mean?
  • Limited License logos can be sold to more than one person. This option grants you a Limited License to the logo, but the logo will be removed from the site within 24 hours and will no longer be available for sale to others.